Face Lift Surgery – What You Should Know

Face Lift Surgery Sydney

A face lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure that can improve the look of your facial skin. The procedure is performed under a general anaesthetic in an accredited hospital. The incisions are usually hidden in the hairline, and the recovery period is two to three weeks. Afterwards, you should expect scarring.

Facelift surgery is performed under general anaesthetic in a fully accredited hospital

Facelift surgery can be performed as an outpatient procedure or as an overnight stay. Many patients choose the latter as they live out of town and need to recover overnight. While you’re in the hospital, your nurse will check your vital signs and assist with any post-operative pain and discomfort. The nurse will also help you to deal with any fear or anxiety you may have.

The type of anaesthetic you choose is very important for your facelift surgery. A general anaesthetic is the deepest form of anaesthesia. This type of anaesthesia causes the patient to be unconscious and has no memory of the procedure. Another option is intravenous sedation, or twilight anaesthesia. Both of these methods cause deep sleep. You should feel no pain during the procedure, and you won’t remember it afterwards.

Incisions are hidden within the hairline

The incisions for face lift surgery are usually hidden within the hairline. This incision technique prevents the hair from being parted and minimizes visible scarring. The incisions are typically hidden within the hairline and in natural facial creases. Once healed, the scars will be completely invisible.

Incisions for face lift surgery can be either horizontal or vertical. The most common incision for this surgery starts at the temples, curls forward in the hairline, and ends behind the ear in the lower scalp. Sometimes, a second, smaller incision is made beneath the chin to improve the appearance of the neck.

Recovery time is two to three weeks

After face lift Sydney, you will most likely require two to three weeks of recovery. During these first few days, you may still feel some pain and swelling, which will gradually go away. On day three, you can resume your normal daily routine. Some people no longer need pain medication after surgery. You will probably be able to return to work in two to three weeks.

During this time, you’ll have several appointments with your surgeon to check on your progress. Your recovery will be much faster if you eat plenty of protein-rich foods and limit your intake of processed foods. Also, drink lots of liquids to help your body heal properly. In addition, you’ll want to avoid smoking for a few weeks after surgery. This will help your body heal faster and leave you with a less prominent scar.


After face lift surgery Sydney, you may be left with some scarring. In most cases, these scars are not permanent and can be treated with steroid medication. You can contact your surgeon to learn more about your options. You can also ask your GP for a referral to a plastic surgeon who specialises in cosmetic surgery.

There are several types of face lift surgery available. Dr Reddy will discuss the benefits of each approach with you and will tailor the procedure to your needs and desired outcome. The procedure may leave scars, but you will be able to enjoy the benefits of a new and improved appearance.

Combination of procedures

Combination of procedures is an option for patients who wish to have a face lift with multiple benefits. This type of surgery is more affordable than separate procedures. Patients can choose which procedures they want and the surgeon will discuss the advantages and drawbacks of each. He will customize the surgery to the specific needs of his patients.

Combination procedures can improve the look of your face and neck. They work to lift the skin and tighten underlying muscles. It helps to restore a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance. The surgeon will also work on any issues that you may have, such as neck wrinkles.


The cost of face lift surgery in Sydney varies widely and depends on several factors. These include the surgical facility, anaesthesia, and the amount of time spent during the procedure. You can check with your private health insurer if your surgery is covered. If not, you can use a payment plan for face lift surgery to cover the costs.

The first component of the cost is the consultation fee. This can range from $50 to $500. It is always a good idea to consult with more than one surgeon before making a decision.